Wam Bam Thank You Spaceman (1975)

35mm film, colour
mono, English

An American comedy science fiction film directed by William A. Levey.

Plot Summary

from a dying world arrive on Earth planning to impregnate women.


Directed by: William A. Levey
Harry H. Novak presents a Marketta production of a William A. Levey film
Executive Producers: Harry H. Novak
Produced by: William A. Levey
Screenplay by: Shomo D. Weinstein
Director of Photography: David Platnik
Film Editor: Bill Casper
Music by: Miles Goodman and David White
Prod. Sound: Peter Sarnoff
Costume Design: Francis Dennis
Makeup: Marvin Mantoff
Prosthetic Makeup: Peter Melcher
Set Designer: Stephen Denoff

Jay Rasumny and Samuel Mann (the spacemen)
John Ireland Jr
Rosalee Stein [real name: Dyanne Thorne] (hooker)
Mendel Pincus (Mr Smith)
Robert George (Harnell)
Anne Gaybis (Billie Jo)
Pepi La Rue [real name: Marius Mazmanian] (Marvin)
Tina La Wise [real name: Maria Arnold] (Shirley)
Bo Tackman (Mark)
April Grant (Jane)
Talie Wright [real name: Tallie Cochrane] (Rhonda)
Jerry Wander [real name: Jerry Mills] (Oliver)
Zelda [real name: Valda Hansen] (Gloria)
Sandra Carey [real name: Sandy Carey] (Suzette)
Charles Orlando (Terrance)
David Dover (rapist)
Gayna Shireen (rape victim)
Ray Miles [real name: Ray Myles] (shiek)
Joyce Gibson [real name: Joyce Mandel] (slave girl)
Anisa Guzman (belly dancer)

Alternative Titles

Erotic Encounters of the Best Kind – Dutch video title
Erotic Encounters of the Fourth Kind
Gelul uit de ruimte
– Dutch video title
Incontri erotici del quarto tipo – Italian title
Wham Bam Thank you Spaceman

Extracts included in
Extra Weird (2003)