Wacko (1981)

USA, 1981
35mm, colour
mono, English

An American horror film directed by Greydon Clark spoofing the early 80s cycle of slasher films.

Plot Summary

Teenaged students are being massacred by a serial killer armed with a lawnmower.


Directed by: Greydon Clark
© MCMLXXXI [1981] O.S.M. Limited Partnership
Jensen Farley Pictures, Inc. presents a Greydon Clark production
Executive Producer: Michael R. Starita
Produced by: Greydon Clark
Associate Producer: Curtis Burch
Written by: Dana Olsen & Michael Spound and M. James Kouf Jr & David Greenwalt
Director of Photography: Nicholas J. von Sternberg
Editors: Earl Watson, Curtis Burch
Music Composed and Conducted by: Arthur Kempel
Production Mixer: Al R. Ramirez
Costume Designer: Kristin Nelson
Makeup Artist and Hairdresser: Teresa Austin
Special Makeup Effects: Makeup Effects Labs, Allan Apone, Kenny Myers
Special Effects: Joe Quinlivan
Art Director: Chester Kaczenski

Joe Don Baker as Dick Harbinger
Stella Stevens as Mrs Doctor [Marg] Graves
George Kennedy as Mr Doctor Graves
Julia Duffy as Mary Graves
Scott McGinnis as Norman Bates
Elizabeth Daily as Bambi
Andrew Clay as Tony Schlongini
Michele Tobin as Rosie
Anthony James as Zeke
David Drucker as the looney
Sonny Davis as the weirdo
Charles Napier as Chief [Patrick] O’Hara
Jeff Altman as Harry Palms
Michael Lee Gogin as Damien [Graves]
Claudia Lonow (Pam Graves)
Tamar Howard (little Mary)
Victor Brandt as Dr Moreau
Wil Albert as Dr Denton
Darby Hinton (rookie cop)
Jacqulin Cole (librarian)

Alternative Titles

Crazy Doctor in Love – English Filipino title
Kreisiä, kreisiä – Finnish title
Wacko – Uma Comédia Maluca – Brazilian title
Wacko Weekend – Swedish DVD title
Wacko… da wackelt die Bude – West German title

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