Voyage to the Prehistoric Planet (1965)

35mm film, “filmed in Pathecolor”
mono, English

An American science fiction film Curtis Harrington using the pseudonym John Sebastian. It is a companion piece to Queen of Blood (1965) which also used footage from the Russian science fiction film Planeta Bur (1962).

Plot Summary

In the year 2020, a mission to falls foul of the prehistoric that live there. A volcanic eruption adds further to their problems as they try to discover what happened to the planet's original inhabitants, The human-like Venusians.


* = uncredited


Filmgroup *
Executive Producer: Roger Corman *
Produced by: George Edwards
Associate Producer: Stephanie Rothman
Production Manager: Gary Kurtz

Script Supervisor: Barbara Bohrer
Director of Photography: Vilis Lapenieks
Film Editor: Leo Shreve
Music by: Ronald Stein
Sound: Harold Garver
Re-recording: Producer's Sound Services
Sound Effects: Nelson Corso
Costume Supervisor: Sharon Compton
Make-up: William Condos
Hair Styles: George Spicer
Titles from the Paintings of: John Cline
Art Director: Albert Locatelli
Set Decorator: Leon Smith
Property Master: Carl Schanzer

Basil Rathbone (Professor Hartman)
Faith Domergue (Dr Marsha Evans)
Marc Shannon
Christopher Brand
John Bix (John the robot)
Lewis Keane
Robert Chantal [real name: Gennadi Vernov] [Andre Ferneau]
Kurt Boden [real name: Georgiy Zhzhonov] [Hans Walters]

Alternative Titles

Prehistoric Planet
Voyage to a Prehistoric Planet

See also
The Star Dreamer (2002)

Includes extracts from
Planeta Bur (1962)


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