Voodoo Woman (1956)

USA, 1956
35mm film, black and white
mono, English

An American horror film directed by Edward L. Cahn. Production began on 12 November 1956.

Plot Summary

Mad scientist Dr Roland Gerard is using the in his experiments to create an indestructible zombie. A group of explorers find his remote encampment and Gerard realises that their corrupt leader, Marilyn, is the perfect subject he's been looking for.


Directed by: Edward L. Cahn
© MCMLVI [1956] by Carmel Productions
American-International Pictures [logo]. An American-International picture. A Carmel production
Executive Producers: Samuel Z. Arkoff and James H. Nicholson
Produced by: Alex Gordon
Production Supervisor: Bart Carré
Story and Screenplay by: Russell Bender and V.I. Voss
Assistant Director: Bart Carré
Script Supervisor: Judith Hart
Director of Photography: Frederick E. West
Film Editor: Ronald Sinclair
Music Composed and Conducted by: Darrell Calker
Sound: Bob Post
Wardrobe: Bob Olivas
Makeup: Carlie Taylor
Special Makeup: Harry Thomas
Art Director: Don Ament
Set Decorator: Harry Reif
Properties: Karl Brainard, Richard M. Rubin

Marla English (Marilyn Blanchard)
Tom Conway (Dr Roland Gerard)
Touch Connors (Ted Bronson)
Lance Fuller (Rick Brady)
Mary Ellen Kaye (Susan Gerard)
Paul Dubov (Marcel Chateau)
Martin Wilkins (Chaka)
Norman Willis (Harry West)
Otis Greene (Bobo)
Emmett E. Smith (Gandor
Paul Blaisdell (the monster)
Giselle D'Arc (Yvette)
Jean Davis (Zuranda)

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