Vice Versa or a Lesson to Fathers (1953)

UK, 23 July -30 July 1953
1 series, 2 episodes
broadcast live, black and white, 4:3
mono, English

A British television fantasy mini-series.


Producer: Joy Harington
Adapted by: Joy Harington
Settings: Eileen Diss

George Bishop (Boaler, the butler)
Diana Lambert (Barbara Bultitude)
Anthony Valentine (Dick Bultitude, afterwards his father, Paul)
Bryan Coleman (Marmaduke Paradine)
George Benson (Mr Paul Bultitude, afterwards his son, Dick)

Dick's schoolfellows
Alaric Cotter (Coker)
Robin Dowell (Coggs)
Brian Leslie (Biddlecomb)
Colin Campbell (Jolland)
John Quayle (Chawner)
Barry MacGregor (Tipping)
Tommy Moore (Kiffin)

Raymond Rollett (Dr Grimstone)
Carole Lorimer (Dulcie Grimstone)
Michael Darbyshire (Mr Blinkhorn)


The Transformation (23 July 1953)
The Escape (30 July 1953)