Verity Lambert: Drama Queen (2008)

UK, 2008
digital video, colour, 16:9
stereo, English

A British television documentary directed by Louis Heaton.


A celebration of the life and work of television producer Verity Lambert.


Directed by: Louis Heaton
© BBC MMVIII [2008]
BBC Wales
Produced by: Louis Heaton
Executive Producer: Caroline Wright
Assistant Producer: Donovan Keogh
Production Executive: Paul Williams
Production Manager: Kirsty Reid
Production Coordinator: Amanda Buckley
Camera: Roy Estabrook, Aled Jenkins
Editor: Sue Outlaw
Online Editor: Simon Meek
Sound: David Ferguson, Jon Thomas
Dubbing Mixer: Owen Thomas
Production Accountant: Elaine Stephenson
Researcher: Richard Owen-Ellis
Archive: FremantleMedia; Rock Follies was based upon an original idea of the Rock Bottom Group: Don Fraser, Annabel Leventon, Gaye Brown and Diane Langton; Channel 4; Channel 4 DVD; ITN Source
Stills: Fremantle Stills; Getty Images; Michael Seymour; Mirrorpix; Moviestorecollection; Press Association; Ronald Grant Archive; Sfx [sic] Magazine; Telegraph

Russell T Davies (executive producer/writer, Doctor Who)
Tamsin Grieg (actor, Love Soup)
John Hurt (actor, The Naked Civil Servant)
Alan Davies (actor, Jonathan Creek)
Linda Agran (producer, producer Euston Films, producer, Widows)
Lez Cooke (author, British Television Drama: A History)
Sidney Newman (BBC Head of Drama 1963-67 (interviewed in 1987))
Verity Lambert (interviewed in 1984, interviewed in 1997)
Waris Hussein (director, Doctor Who pilot, Shoulder to Shoulder, Edward & Mrs Simpson)
Graham Benson (producer & friend, production manager Shoulder to Shoulder)
Moira Armstrong (director, Adam Adamant Lives!, Shoulder to Shoulder))
Gerald Harper (director, Adam Adamant Lives!)
Jeremy Isaacs (Head of Programmes, Thames TV 1974-78)
Jack Gold (director, The Naked Civil Servant)
Howard Schuman (writer, Rock Follies)
Anthony Andrews (actor, Danger UXB)
Lynda La Plante (writer, Widows)
Paul A. Mendelson (writer, May to December/So Haunt Me)
Alan Bleasdale (writer, GBH)
Douglas Livingstone (writer The Cazalets)
Nina Myskow (former TV critic)
David Renwick (writer, Jonathan Creek/Love Soup)
Sam Neill (narrated by)

Includes extracts from
Adam Adamant Lives! (1966-1967)
Doctor Who: An Unearthly Child (1963)
Doctor Who: An Unearthly Child (pilot) (1991)
Doctor Who: The Daleks (1963)
Doctor Who: Human Nature (2007)
Film ’83 (1983)
So Haunt Me (1992-1994)