Venus in Furs (1969)

UK, West Germany, USA, Italy,
35mm film, colour, 1.85:1
mono, English

A British/West German/American/Italian horror film directed by Jesus Franco using the pseudonyms Jess Franco and Hans Billian depending on which print you're seeing.

Plot Summary

In Istanbul, a musician pulls the body of a young woman he had seen at a party the night before from the sea after being attacked by the host. Revenge is soon on her mind.


Directed by; Jess Franco [English language prints]; Hans Billian [real name: Jess Franco] [Italian prints]
© 1970 [English language prints]
Commonwealth United presents [English language prints]
Cineproduzioni Associate Roma, Terra Filmkunst GmbH Berlino [Italian prints]
Released by: Commonwealth United Entertainment Inc. [English language prints]
Produced by: Harry Alan Towers [English language prints]
Screenplay: Carlo Fadda, Milo G. Cuccia [Italian prints]
Screenplay by Jess Franco, Malvin Wald [English language prints]
Story by: Bruno Leder [Italian prints]
From a Story by: Jess Franco [English language prints]
Dialogue by: Guido Leoni [Italian prints]
Director of Photography: Angelo Lotti
Edited by: Bruno Mattei [Italian prints]
Film Editors: Henry Batista, Mike Pozen, Nicholas Wentworth [English language prints]
Music by: Manfred Mann, Mike Hugg
Art Director: Giorgio Postiglione [Italian prints]

James Darren (Jimmy)
Barbara McNair [MacNair on Italian prints] (Rita)
Maria Rohm [Maria Rhom on Italian prints] (Wanda)
Klaus Kinski (Ahmed)
Dennis Price (Kapp)
Paul Müller [Hermann]
Adolfo Lastretti (Inspector)
Mirella Pamphili
Margaret Lee (Olga)

Alternative Titles

Black Angel – working title
To fantasma tis Afroditis – Greek DVD title
Gymni Afroditi – Greek title
Paroxismus – UK title
Può una morta rivivere per amore? – Paroxismus – Italian title
Schwarzer Engel – German title
Vênus em Fúria – Brazilian title
Venus im Pelz – German title
Vénusz bundában – Hungarian title
Γυμνή Αφροδίτη – Greek title
Венера в мехах – Russian title

Extracts included in
Jesús in Furs (2005)
Triple X Selects: The Best of Lezsploitation (2007)



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