Venus and Adonis (1937)

UK, 3 April
broadcast live, black and white, 5:4
mono, English

A British fantasy television special.


Presentation by: Dallas Bower
Music by: Dr John Blow
Published by: Williams
With the Television Orchestra, leader Boris Pecker, conductor Byam Greenbaum

Miss M. Strik ()
F. Wade ()
Miss P. Preston (chief cupid)
Peter Elliott, T. Hill, R. Hill (cupids)
Miss O. Trevor, Miss M. Galb, Miss C. Cousins, Miss V. Stevens, Bruce Mitford ()
Miss Bishop, Miss Bleasley, Miss Low, Miss Wootton, Miss Redice, Miss Holmwood, Miss Lambert, Mr Boulton, Mr Hunkin, Mr Mowatt, Mr Searle, Mr Parrott, Mr Jones, Mr Kirshaw (chorus)

Alternative Titles

The Oxford University Players Present “Venus and Adonis”: A Masque for King Charles II


Other sources

  • BBC programme as broadcast record – credits