Vampyr, ou l’etrange aventure de David Gray (1932)

France, 1931
65m (Germany – theatrical), 75m
35mm film, black and white
mono, German, French and English versions

A French horror film directed by Carl Theodore Dreyer. The film was financed by French socialite and banker the Baron Nicholas de Gunzberg who took the lead role under the pseudonym Julian West. As it was Dreyer's first sound film and as he was expected to film it in three languages (French, German and English) he opted to keep dialogue to a minimum and relied on silent film style inter-titles to tell the story. After a lukewarm reception on its initial German release, Dreyer re-edited the film and it was somewhat better received when released in France but it's only been in more recent years that the film has started to receive positive critical attention.

Plot Summary

David Gray arrives at a remote castle where strange, dreamlike events start taking place – shadows move around on their own, a mysterious figure stalks the landscape and Gray suffers a dream of being buried alive. When one of the daughters of the castle's owner starts displaying symptoms of anaemia, it seems that a vampire might be at large.


Director: Carl Th. Dreyer
A film by Carl Th. Dreyer Film Produktion
Script: Christen Jul and Carl Th. Dreyer
Freely based on the novel In a Glass Darkly by J. Sheridan Le Fanu
Danish Adaptation: Henrik V. Ringsted [Danish prints]
Supplemental Narrative: Randall M. White [English language version]
Director of Photography: Rudolf Maté
Music: Wolfgang Zeller
Sound Mixer: Dr Hans Bittmann
Dialogue Director and Sound Editor: Paul Falkenberg
Sound Recording: Tobis-Klangfilm, Afifa Tonkopie
Artistic Adviser: Hermann Warm

Julian West [real name: Baron Nicholas de Gunzberg] (David Gray (Allan Gray in German version))
Maurice Schulz (the father)
Rena Mandel (Giséle)
Sybille Schmitz (Léone, their daughter)
Jan Heronimko (the village doctor)
Henriette Gerard (the old woman in the graveyard)
Albert Bras (the old servant)
N. Babanini (his wife)
Jane Mora (the nurse)

Alternative Titles

Castle of Doom – English language version title

Extracts included in
Carl Th. Dreyer (1966)
Dr. Terror's House of Horrors (1943)
Vem var Dracula? (1975)
Vincent Price's Dracula (1982)



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