Vampirella (1996)

82m, 86m (USA – DVD version)
colour, 4:3
Ultra Stereo, English

An American science fiction/horror television film directed by Jim Wynorski.

Plot Summary

The alien Vampirella arrives on Earth from from Drakulon to avenge the death of her father at a race of evil . She strikes up an uneasy alliance with Adam Van Helsing, leader of PURGE, a high-tech paramilitary group dedicated to eradicating vampires.


Directed by: Jim Wynorski
Concorde and Sunset Films International presents a Jim Wynorsky film
Executive Producer: Roger Corman
Produced by: Paul Hertzberg, Jim Wynorski and Angela Baynes
Associate Producers: Mark Carducci & Forrest J Ackerman
Written by: Gary Gerani
Based on the character Vampirella created by Forrest J. Ackerman
Edited by: Richard Gentner, Jud Pratt, Robert L. Goodman
Music by: Joel Goldsmith
Costume Designer: Roxanne Miller
Make Up Department Head: Wendy Robin
Hair Department Head: Wendy Robin
Production Designer: Alex Hajdu

Talisa Soto (Vampirella)
Roger Daltrey (Vlad, Jamie Blood)
Richard Joseph Paul (Adam Van Helsing)
Brian Bloom (Demos)
Corinna Harney (Sallah)
Rusty Meyers (Quinn)
Lee de Broux (Lieutenant Walsh)
Tom Deters (Traxx)
Jack Zavorak (Captain Stryker)
Lenny Juliano (Carlos)
Anne Howard (Stepmother)
Angus Scrimm (high elder)
Tyde Kierney (Adam's Father)
David B. Katz (Forry Ackerman)
Robert Clotworthy (Professor Steinman)
John Landis, John Terlesky (astronauts)
Toru Nagai (Mr Nakamuchi)
Jay Kessler (Ramirez)
Jeff Jay (Archie)
Eric Randell (Matheson)

Includes extracts from
Battle Beyond the Stars (1980)
Galaxy of Terror (1981)
Not of This Earth (1988)


Femme Fatales July 1996 p.5 – note