Vampire at Midnight (1988)

USA, 1988
35mm film, colour
stereo, English

An American horror film directed by Gregory McClatchy.

Plot Summary

The police are hunting a serial killer who drains the blood of his victims. Could he really be a vampire?


Directed by: Gregory McClatchy
© 1987 by Vampire Limited Partners
Skouras Pictures
Produced by: Jason Williams & Tom Friedman
Screenplay by: Dulany Ross Clements
Story by: Jason Williams & Tom Friedman
Director of Photography: Daniel Yarussi
Edited by: Kaye Davis
Music by: Robert Etoll [opening titles]
Location Sound Mixer: Vic Carpenter
Costume Designer: Sarah Bardo
Masks by: Gustavo H. Vintas
Make Up/Hair: Loraina Drucker
Special Effects Make-up: Mecki Heussen
Art Director: Beau Peterson

Jason Williams (Roger Sutter)
Gustav Vintas (Victor Radikoff)
Lesley Milne (Jenny Carlton)
Esther Alise (Lucia Giannini)
Jeanie Moore (Amalia)
Ted Hamaguchi (Capt. Takato)
Robert Random (Al Childress)
Jonny Solomon (Lee Keller)
Barbara Hammond (Kelly)
Eddie Jr (Bobby Rio)
Christina Whitaker (Ingrid)
Shendt [real name: Christopher Nee] (Raoul)
Mike Wiles (gunman 1)
Mike Tino (gunman 2)
Richard Kory (gunman 3)
Mike Kehoe (Jon)
Jeff Bardo (Ptn. Buccola)
Mark Nordike (Ptn. Gray)
Camille Lund (female paramedic)
Angela Worthy (Anna)

Alternative Titles

Dangereuses tentations – France (television)
L.A. Midnight – Hungary, West Germany
Vampiro a mezzanotte – Italy



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