Valley of Eagles (1951)

82m (USA), 86m, 2348 metres
35mm film, black and white
mono, English

A British borderline science fiction film directed by Terence Young.

Plot Summary

A revolutionary device which can turn sound waves into electrical energy is stolen from its Norwegian inventor by his wife and assistant. They flee towards Russia with the device, pursued by a inspector and a young girl who join the scientist in a race against time to get the machine back.


Director: Terence Young
Sovereign Pictures
Executive Producer: Robert L. Lippert
Producer: Nat A. Bronsten
Associate Producer: George Willoughby
Script: Terence Young
Story: Nat A. Bronsten, Paul Tabori
Director of Photography: Harry Waxman
Editor: Lito Carruthers
Music: Nino Rota
Musical Director: Muir Mathieson
Sound Mixer: Gordon K. McCallum
Art Director: J. Elder Wills
Animal Director: Helge Lund

John McCallum (Dr Nils Ahlen)
Jack Warner (Inspector Peterson)
Anthony Dawson (Sven Nystrom)
Nadia Gray (Kara Niemann)
Mary Laura Wood (Helga Ahlen)
Naima Wifstrand (Baroness Erland)
Norman Macowan (McTavis)
Alfred Maurstad (Trerik)
Martin Boddey (Chief of the Lost Valley)
Christopher Lee (Detective Holt)
Ewen Solon (Detective Anderson)
Gösta Cederlund (Professor Lind)
Sten Lindgren (director-general of the research institute)
Trillot Billquist (Colonel Strand)
Peter Blitz (Anders)
Sarah Crawford (Noma)
Holger Kax
Kurt-Olof Sundström
Molly Warner (Frau Lind)
George Willoughby (Bertil)

Alternative Titles

Kotkien laakso – Finnish title
Ørnedalen – Danish title
La valle delle aquile – Italian title
Valley of the Eagles – US title
Wölfe in der Nacht – Austrian/German title


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