Valentine Magic on Love Island (1980)

USA, 15 February 1980
35mm film, colour, 4:3
mono, English

An American fantasy television film directed by earl Bellamy.

Plot Summary

Madge, a benign sorceress, runs a tropical island resort with the help of her nephew Jimmy and niece Cheryl. She uses her magical powers to ensure that the course of true love runs smoothly among her guests.


Directed by: Earl Bellamy
Dick Clark Productions
Executive Producers: Deanne Barkley, Dick Clark, Paul Klein
Produced by: Bill Finnegan, Patricia Finnegan
Associate Producers: Joe Aubel
Written by: Madeline B. David, Robert Hilliard, Earl Kurland
Director of Photography: Ken Lamkin
Editor: O. Nicholas Brown
Music by: Peter Matz
Art Director: Joe Aubel
Casting by: Ruth Conforte

Dominique Dunne (Cheryl)
Adrienne Barbeau (Beverly McGraw)
Bill Daily (Charles)
Howard Duff (A.J. Morgan)
Dody Goodman (Ida Kramer)
Lisa Hartman (Crystal Kramer)
Rick Hurst (Robert Murphy)
Christopher Knight (Jimmy)
Janis Paige (Madge)
Bob Seagren (Billy Colorado)
Mary Louise Weller (Denise)
Earl Montgomery (Bishop)
Stuart Pankin (Harvey)
Harv Selsby (agent)
Warren Munson (coach)
Dennis Robertson (doctor)
Roselyn Royce (nurse)
Timothy Himes (young executive)
Ken Smedberg (staff member)
Bridget Murphy (beautician)
Patti Townsend (Statue of Liberty)
Curtis Taylor (pirate)
Ivan Philpot (bellboy)