Up from the Depths (1979)

35mm film, Metrocolor, 1.85:1
mono, English

An American horror film directed by Charles B. Griffith.

Plot Summary

A series of deaths off the shore of a Hawaiian resort are found to have been caused by a species of giant shark.


* = uncredited

Directed by: Charles B. Griffith
Underwater Director: Pete Gallagher
© 1979 The Pacific Trust
New World Pictures *
Executive Producer: Jack Atienza
Produced by: Cirio H. Santiago
Associate Producers: Jill Griffith, Manny Norman
Screenplay by: Alfred M. Sweeney
Director of Photography: Rick Remington
Underwater Camera: James Arce
Musical Director: Russell O'Malley
Sound: Willie Archer
Editor: G.V. Bass
Special Effects: Sandy Hill, Chris Walas, Robert Short
Art Director: Ben Otico

Sam Bottoms (Greg Oliver)
Susanne Reed (Rachel McNamara)
Virgil Frye (Earl Sullivan)
Kedric Wolfe (Oscar Forbes)
Charles Howerton (David Whiting)
Denise Hayes (Iris Lee)
Charles Doherty (Ed Bennett)
Helen McNelly (Louellen Bennett)
Ken Metcalf (Holland)
Randy Taylor (Jimmy)
Dave D'Martyn (tourist #1)
Clem Parsons (maintenance man)
Pete Cooper (Nieberg)
Katherine Scholy (Darleen
Ken Petruic (Harry)
Bobby Greenwood (tourist #2)

Alternative Titles

La fiera del mar – Mexico
Jurassic Jaws – Japan DVD
Πάνω από τα βάθη – Greece
Из глубин – Russian
ジュラシック・ジョーズ – Japan

Demon of Paradise (1987)

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