Un’ombra nell’ombra (1977)

106m, 2,500 metres
35mm film, Technicolor, 1.85:1

An Italian horror film directed by Pier Carpi (on English language prints he's credited as Peter Karp). Work on the film began on 3 January 1977 1Variety vol.285 no.13 (2 February 1977) p.44 but it wasn't released until 1979.

Plot Summary

Four young women join a Satanic cult and years later one of their teenage daughters develops strange powers.


Directed by: Pier Carpi [Peter Karp on English language prints]
© [not given on screen]
Piero Amati presents a Rassy Film, Aretusa Film production
Producer: Anis Nohra * 2Although not credited on-screen, Nohra told Variety (16 February 1977) that “There are no partners in this picture. I am the producer lock, stock and barrel.” This was in response to Variety listing Raymond Stross as “majority investor” in the film
Story and Screenplay: Piero Carpi [Peter Karp on English language prints]
Photography by: Guglielmo Mancori
Edited by: Manlio Camastro
Music by: Stelvio Cipriani
Costumes: Michaela Gisotti
Key Make-up: Mario Di Salvio
Make-up: Alfonso Gola
Hair Stylists: Enio Cascioli [real name: Ennio Cascioli], Jolanda Conti [real name: Iolanda Conti]
Sound: Antonio Forrest
Art Director: Pier Luigi Basile

Anne Heywood [Carlotta Rhodes]
Valentina Cortese [Elena Merrill]
Frank Finlay [Paul]
John Phillip Law [the exorcist]
Marisa Mell [Agatha]
Irene Papas [Raffaella]
Paola Tedesco [Anna Merrill]
Lara Wendel [Daria Rhodes]
Ian Bannen as the professor
Ezio Miani as Lucifer
Carmen Russo
West Buchanan [Peter Rhodes]
Marina D'Aunia [real name: Marina Daunia], Patrizia Webley [prostitutes]
Sofia Dionisio
Mark Jeremy Stross
Sonia Viviani
Michel Barnes
Dirce Funari
Anny Papa
Ofelia Meyer
Auling Anka [real name: Anka Auling]
Rossana Palazzolo

Alternative Titles

Djevelens barn – Norway
De Duivelse maagden – Belgium (Flemish)
Mørkets ring – Denmark
Nyhtes ‘mavron' orgion – Greece
Paholaisen lapsi – Finland
Ring of Darkness – English language title
Satan's Wife – USA (DVD)
Seytanin Kizi – Turkey
Sta dihtya tou Satana – Greece
Les vierges damnées – Belgium (French)



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