Underworld (1985)

35mm film, colour
Dolby Stereo, English

A British fantasy film directed by George Pavlou.

Plot Summary

A beautiful high class prostitute, Nicole, who has the ability to make her clients' fantasies a physical reality, is kidnapped from a brothel party by a gang of bestial intruders. Roy Bain, a former pimp and underworld enforcer, is called out of retirement by East End ganglord Motherskille to get her back. Though initially reluctant, Bain agrees, unable to ignore the plight of his former girlfriend. His investigations lead him to the peculiar Dr Savary who's invented a new drug, Whiteman, which he's been testing on human guinea pigs. Unfortunately, The drug has some nasty side effects and its prolonged use plays havoc with the user's genetic make up. The mutant victims of Savary's experiments have gone , forming a strange society in the dank, gloomy labyrinths beneath the London Docklands. Nicole is the only one of the Whiteman guinea pigs to have survived physically intact, though the tremendous powers the drug has given her make a valuable commodity to both the and to Motherskille.


Director: George Pavlou
© Limehouse Productions Limited MCMLXXXV [1985]
Limehouse/Greenman present
Executive Producer: Al Burgess
Producer: Don Hawkins, Kevin Attew
Co-Producer: Graham Ford
Screenplay by: Clive Barker and James Caplin
Story by: Clive Barker
Director of Photography: Sydney McCartney
Editor: Chris Ridsdale
Music Written and Performed by: Freur
Sound Mixer: Bill Burgess
Costume Designer: Geoff Sharpe
Chief Make-up Artist: Vivian Placks
Chief Hairdresser: Jeanette Freeman
Prosthetics Make-up: Peter Litton
Special Effects Supervisor: Malcolm King
Art Director: Len Huntingford
Filmed on locations in England and Ireland and at Limehouse Studios in London's Docklands
Location Manager: Adam Sedgwick
Stunt Arranger: Jim Dowdell
Casting Director: Gail Stevens

Denholm Elliott (Savary)
Steven Berkoff (Motherskille)
Larry Lamb (Roy Bain)
Miranda Richardson (Oriel)
Art Malik (Fluke)
Nicola Cowper (Nicole)
Ingrid Pitt (Pepperdine)
Irina Brook (Bianca)
Brian Croucher (Darling)
Gary Olsen (Red Dog)
Trevor Thomas (Ricardo)
Paul Bown (Nygaard)
Paul Mari (Dudu)
Philip Davis (Lazarus)
Clive Panto (Abbott)
Sean Chapman (Buchanan)
Candy Davis (barmaid)
Karen Gould, Jeanette Landry, Mark West (dancers)
Philip Tan (Tung)
Tina Maskell (Chevron)

Alternative Titles

Angel Death – Finnish video title
Transmutations – US title
O Túnel do Terror – Portugese title