Ultus, the Man from the Dead (1916)

6147 feet/6 reels
black and white

A British fantasy film directed by George Pearson. An incomplete print is held in National Film Archive by the British Film Institute.

Plot Summary

, a diamond miner, is robbed, beaten and left for dead in the Australian desert. Five years later, Ultus is back, looking for his treacherous ex-partner while a detective not unsympathetic to his plight closes in on him.


Director: George Pearson
Gaumont Company
Producer: George Pearson
Script: George Pearson, Thomas Welsh
Locations: Cheddar Gorge, Somerset, England, UK; Southport, Merseyside, England, UK

Aurele Sydney (Dick Moran/Ultus)
J.L.V. Leigh (Conway Bass)
A. Caton Woodville
Marjorie Dunbar (Lady Townsend)
M. Goujet
Mary Dibley
Mary Forbes

Alternative Titles

Ultus 1: The Townsend Mystery – US title (first half)
Ultus 2: The Ambassador's Diamond – US title (second half)

Ultus and the Grey Lady (1916)
Ultus and the Secret of the Night (1916)
Ultus and the Three-Button Mystery (1917)


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