Último deseo (1975)

Spain, 1975
35mm film, colour
mono, Spanish

A Spanish science fiction directed by León Klimovsky.

Plot Summary

A group of rich and wealthy people at a party in an old survive a nuclear war. When they emerge from the castle, they find other survivors why have been blinded and are terrorised by “the people who own the dark”.


Directed by: León Klimovsky
© MCMLXXV [1975] Newcal Enterprises [The People Who Own the Dark version]
José Luis Renedo Tamayo, Trefilms
Produced by: José Luis Renedo Tamayo, Salvadore Romero
Written by: Gabriel Burgos, Vicente Aranda, Joaquim Jordà
Story: Gabriel Burgos
Director of Photography: Miguel Fernández Mila
Editor: Soledad López
Music by: Miguel Asins Arbó
Sound: Enrique Molinero
Costume Designer: Mercedes de Segovia
Make-up: Cristóbal Criado
Hair Stylist: Mercedes Guillot
Special Effects: Jesús Peña
Art Directors: Juan Alonso, Tony Pueo

Nadiuska (Clara)
Alberto de Mendoza (Prof Fulton)
Teresa Gimpera (Berta)
Emiliano Redondo (Dr Messier)
Julia Sali ‘La Pocha’ [real name: Julia Saly (Marion)
Tomás Picó (Victor)
Diana Polakov (Tania)
Antonio Mayans (Vasily)
Leona Devine (Luna)
Ricardo Palacios (Dr Robertson)
Carmen Platero
Estela Delgado
Berta Barry [real name: Barta Barri (Russian ambassador)
Gumersindo A. López [real name: Gumersindo Andrés)
Gonzalo Tejada
Adolfo Thous
Maria Perschy (Lily
Paul Naschy (Borne)

Alternative Titles

The People Who Own the Dark – US title
Planeta ciego – alternative title


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Reference Guide to Fantastic Films by Walt Lee p.373 – credits