UFO: Confetti Check A-OK (1971)

UK, 10 July
35mm film, colour, 4:3
mono, English
Series: UFO (1969-1973) – series 1, episode 22

A British science fiction television episode directed by David Lane.

Plot Summary

In flashback we see the formation of SHADO and the subsequent failure of Straker's marriage.


Directed by: David Lane
© copyright Century 21 Pictures Limited MCMLXIX [1969]
A Gerry Anderson Century 21 Television production. An ITC world wide distribution
Format: Gerry & Sylvia Anderson with Reg Hill
Executive Producer: Gerry Anderson
Produced by: Reg Hill
Teleplay: Tony Barwick
Lighting Cameraman: Brendan Stafford
Editor: Alan Killick
Music Composed and Directed by: Barry Gray
Sound Recordist: Ken Rawkins
Century 21 Fashions: Sylvia Anderson
Wardrobe: Kim Martin
Make Up: Basil Newall
Hairdressing: Alice Holmes
Special Effects: Derek Meddings
Art Director: Bob Bell
Made at: MGM British Studios, Borehamwood, England and Century 21 Studios, Slough, England and on location

Ed Bishop as Cmdr. [Ed] Straker
George Sewell as Col. [Alec] Freeman
Suzanne Neve as Mary Straker
Grant Taylor as Gen. Henderson
Keith Alexander (Lt [Keith] Ford)
Ayshea (Shado operative)
Julian Grant (Lt Grey)
Geoffrey Hinsliff (hotel clerk)
Michael Forrest (security officer)
Frank Tregear (porter)
Shane Rimmer (C.I.A. man)
Jack May (English delegate)
Jeffrey Segal (French delegate)
Gordon Sterne (German delegate)
Alan Tilvern (U.S. delegate)
Donald Pelmear (estate agent)
Dolores Mantez (Nina Barry)
Jeremy Wilkin, Jon Kelly (Shado technicians)
Michael Nightingale (Mary's father)
Tom Oliver (doctor)
Penny Jackson (nurse)