Twisted Brain (1974)

USA, 1974
35mm film, colour
mono, English

An American horror film directed by Larry N. Stouffer.

Plot Summary

A high school nerds experiments with a chemical that transforms his guinea pig into a monster. He uses the serum on himself and becomes a murderous killing machine determined to wipe out everyone who ever crossed him.


Directed by: Larry N. Stouffer
© MCMLXXIII [1973] Horror High, Ltd
James P. Graham presents. Produced by Jamieson Film Company
Executive Producer: James P. Graham
Producer: Tom Moore
Original Screenplay by: Jake Fowler
Director of Photography: Janis P. Valtenbergs
Editor: Travis Rhodes
Music Happened at: Sundance Studio with Rush Beesley, Euel Box
Additional Music: Don Hulette
Sound Engineer: Oliver H. Oliver
Wardrobe: Laura Williamson
Makeup: Beverly Gilbert
Special Effects: Jack Bennett
Art Director: Joe Thompkins
Locations: Southern Methodist University, 3128 Dyer Street, Dallas, Texas, USA

Pat Cardi (Vernon Potts)
Austin Stoker (Lieutenant Bozeman)
Rosie Holotik (Robin Jones)
John Niland (Coach McCall)
Joy Hash (Miss Grindstaff)
Mike McHenry (Roger Davis)
Chuck Beatty (policeman)
Joe Greene (policeman)
Abner Haynes (assistant coach)
Calvin Hill (policeman)
D.D. Lewis (policeman)
Craig Morton (policeman)
Bill Truax (policemen)
Jeff Alexander (Mr Griggs)
Nick Felix (Mr Henshaw)
Michelle Falerne (girl-student)
Laura Williamson (nurse)
Charles Mann (school principal)
Steve Kidwell (assistant coach)
Campbell Thomas (narrator)
Robert R. Reedy (policeman)

Alternative Titles

Cérebro Diabólico – Brazil
Horror High

Extracts included in
Dusk to Dawn Drive-In Trash-o-Rama Show Vol. 3 (1996)



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