Twilight Zone: No Time Like the Past (1963)

USA, 7 March
Series 4, episode 10
35mm film, black and white, 4:3
mono (Westrex Recording System), English
Series: The Twilight Zone (1959-1964)

An American science fiction television episode directed by Justus Addiss.

Plot Summary

Scientist Paul Driscoll develops and goes into the past to write the wrongs he believes has ruined the 20th century. He stops off at Hiroshima to warn of the impending nuclear attack, to Nazi Germany to try to assassinate Adolf Hitler and on board the doomed ocean liner Lusitania but every time he is unable to change the pst and prevent the tragedies and reluctantly comes to the conclusion that the events of the past can't be changed.


Directed by: Justus Addiss
© MCMLXII [1962] by Cayuga Productions, Inc.
Produced by Cayuga Productions in association with the CBS Television Network
Created by: Rod Serling [uncredited]
Associate Producer: Murray Golden
Written by: Rod Serling
Director of Photography: Robert Pittack
Film Editor: Eda Warren
Sound: Franklin Milton, Joe Edmondson
Art Direction: George W. Davis, William Ferrari

Dana Andrews (Paul Driscoll)
Patricia Breslin (Abigail Sloan)
Malcolm Atterbury (Prof. Eliot)
Robert Cornthwaite (Hanford)
John Zaremba (hor player)
Lindsay Workman (bartender)
Marjorie Bennett (Mrs Chamberlain)
Tudor Owen (captain of ‘Lusitania')
James Yagi (Japanese police captain)
Robert F. Simon (Harvey)

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