Trilogy of Terror II (1996)

USA, 30 October 1996
35mm film, colour, 4:3
stereo, English

An American television horror film directed by Dan Curtis.

Plot Summary

An anthology of three horror stories. The Graveyard Rats: lovers kill the woman’s husband and try to rob his grave; Bobby: a woman summons her son back from the dead; He Who Kills: a bowman battles a murderous African doll.


* = uncredited

Directed by: Dan Curtis
© 1996 Wilshire Court Productions, Inc.
Power Pictures, a Dan Curtis production, Wilshire Court Productions
Executive Producer: Dan Curtis
Produced by: Julian Marks
Line Producer: Tony Thatcher
Associate Producer: Arturs Rusis
Written by: Richard Matheson *
Director of Photography: Elemer Ragályi
Edited by: Bill Blunden
Music Composed and Conducted by: Bob Cobert
Sound Mixer: Tom Hidderley
Costume Designer: Melanie Jennings
Make-up: Marie Nardella
Hair Stylist: Bruce Appleby
Creature Effects by: Eric Allard
Prosthetics by: Rick Stratton
Special Effects: Frank C. Carere
Production Designer: Veronica Hadfield
Casting by: Dan Shaner
Locations: Toronto, Canada *

Lysette Anthony [Laura, Bobby’s mom/Dr Simpson]
Gerry Quigley (Akers)
Dennis O’Connor (Brig)
John McMahon (Taylor)
Alan Bridle (the minister)
Brittaney Edgell (the waitress)
Norm Spencer (officer #1)
Bruce McFee (officer #2)
Joe Gieb (the dwarf Bobby)
Alex Carter (Breslow)
Philip Williams (Pete)
Tom Melissis (Rothstein)
Aron Tager (Steve)
Durward Allen (Spaulding)
Peter Keleghan (Dennis)

Alternative Titles

Trilogía del terror II – Spain
Trilogia del terrore II – Italy
Trilogy of Terror – Germany (video)
Triss i skräck – Sweden
Трилогия на ужаса II – Bulgaria
Трилогия ужаса 2 – Russia

Sequel to
Trilogy of Terror (1975)

Partial remake of
Dead of Night (1977)



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