Trepanator (1992)

35mm film, colour

A French horror film directed by N.G. Mount.

Plot Summary

A doctor conducts unorthodox experiments in brain surgery which results in the recently dead being re-animated as .


Director: N.G. Mount
N.M. International
Producer: N.G. Mount
Script: N.G. Mount
Assistant Director: Jean-François Pique
Director of Photography: Pat Cremer
Stills: Jean Guien
Editor: N.G. Mount
Music: Patrick Giordano
Special Make-up Effects: Catherine Drouet, Yves Follet, Myriam Kerthe, Katia Lagrange, Michael Raynaud

Michel Finas (Herbert East)
Jean Rollin (Dr Roll)
Marie-Hélène Janin (Linda)
Michael Raynaud (Karl)
Eva Sinclair (Mme Wayne)
Gilles Bourgarel (Dr Kramer)
Christophe Lemaire (Chris)
Quelou Parente (Bonnie)
Robert André (police chief)
Brigitte Margerin (Chris' girlfriend)
Régis Besse (cop)
Phil Brossard (Phil Brauner)
Karin Chabin (supermarket woman)
Michel Chevalier (Inspector)
Brigitte De Borghese (Kim)
Yves Follet (mad man)
Jean-Claude Guenet (militant)
Jean Guien (M. Wayne)
Hugues Jarry (young man)
Simone Jarry (woman with coffee)
John Lano (Schulter)
William Lustig (man with nightmares)
Olivier Richard (Tedakis)
Rogello (speaker on television)
Bruno Terrier