Tower of Terror (1941)

62m (USA), 78m
35mm film, black and white, 1.37:1
mono, English

A British borderline horror film directed by Lawrence Huntington.

Plot Summary

In a remote lighthouse off the Dutch coast a young saboteur, Marie, is rescued by the hook-handed lighthouse keeper Lawson and his assistant Hale after she leaps overboard to escape pursuing Gestapo troops. But Lawson becomes obsessed with Marie's resemblance to his dead wife who has been buried at the base of the tower. As Hale tries to find a way to get Marie off the island, Lawson becomes increasingly deranged.


* = uncredited

Directed by: Lawrence Huntington
Associated British Picture Corpn. Ltd. presents
Distributed throughout the world by Pathe Pictures Limited
Produced by: John Argyle
Production Manager: H.G. Inglis
Screenplay: John Reinhardt
Adaptation: John Argyle
Photography: Walter Harvey
Exteriors Photography: Ronald Anscombe
Film Editor: Flora Newton
Music: Eddie Benson
Musical Director: Charles Williams
Sound Recordist: Albert Ross
Sound Engineer: Harry Benson
RCA Sound System
Settings: Charles Gilbert
Produced at: Welwyn Studios, Welwyn Garden City, Gt Britain

Wilfrid Lawson (Wolfe Kristan)
Movita (Marie Durand)
Michael Rennie (Anthony Hale)
Morland Graham (Herr Kleber)
George Woodbridge (Rudolf Jurgens)
Edward Sinclair (Fletcher)
Richard George (Captain Borkmann)
Charles Rolfe (Albers)
John Longden (commandant)
H. Victor Weske (Peters)
Olive Sloane [florist] *
Eric Clavering [Riemers] *

Alternative Titles

Kauhujen torni – Finland



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