Torticola contre Frankensberg (1952)

35mm film, black and white, 1.37:1
mono, English

A French short horror film directed by Paul Paviot.

Plot Summary

A parody of classic horror films in the form of a silent serial.


* = uncredited

A film by: Paul Paviot
Les Films Marceau
Scenario and Dialogue: Albert Vidale and Louis Sapin
Adaptation and Decoupage: Paul Paviot
Assistant Directors: D. Wronecki [real name: Daniel Wronecki] and Ralph Roncoroni
Script Supervisor: M. Billeaud [real name: Madeleine Billeaud]
Photography: A. Thomas
Camera: F. Nivoix [real name: Francis Nivoix]
Camera Assistant: R. Letouzet
Editor: Ch. Bretoneiche [real name: Charles Bretoneiche]
Laboratory: Lianofilm
Music: J. Kosma [real name: Joseph Kosma]
Sound Engineer: J. Bertrand [real name: Jean Bertrand]
Recording: Omnium-Sonore
Sound System: Euphonic
Make-up: Bordenave
Art Director: J. Allan [real name: Jacques Allan]
Based on Models by: Trauner [real name: Alexandre Trauner]
Studio: Photosonor, Courbevoire

Véra Norman (the appealing Lorelei)
François-Patrice (the unhappy Eric von Mausenbert)
Roger Blin (the sinister Doctor Frankensberg)
Héléna Manson (the enigmatic governess)
Marc Moussac (the evil Fürrespiegel)
Michel Piccoli (the monstrous Torticola)
Pierre Brasseur *
Daniel Gélin *



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