To Die For (1994)

35mm film, colour
Dolby, English

A British fantasy film directed by Peter Mackenzie Litten.

Plot Summary

When Mark dies from , he returns as a ghost to visit his lover Simon who seems to have overcome his death rather too easily. Mark tries to get Simon to express his feelings, though Simon isn't convinced that love is for him. Things become more complicated when they start to take an interest in the love life of their neighbour Siobhan and as Simon gets lumbered with a new job, as a satellite television installer working alongside the homophobic Dogger.


Director: Peter Mackenzie Litten
British Screen/London Lighthouse/TDF
Script: Johnny Byrne
Story: Peter Mackenzie Litten, Paul McEvoy
Director of Photography: John Ward
Editor: Jeffrey Arsenault
Music: Roger Bolton
Sound: Julian Dawton
Make Up: Helen Lennox, Darren Philips, Victoria Wright
Digital Transfer Coordinator: Kevin Phelan

Thomas Arklie (Simon)
Ian Williams (Mark)
Tony Slattery (Terry)
Dillie Keane (Siobban)
Jean Boht (Mrs Downs)
John Altman (Dogger)
Caroline Munro (Mrs Pignon)
Gordon Milne (Drop Dead Gorgeous)
Nicholas Harrison (Siobhan's first lover)
Ian McKellen, Sinitta (real name: Sinitta Renet) (voices of quilt documentary narrators)
Paul Cottingham (1st poxy shirt lifter)
Lloyd Williams (bodybuilder)
Robert Sturtz (Chris)
Benjamin Sterz (man in gym)
Brian Carter (leather man)
Mark Hutchinson (hospital visitor)
Janet Allen (ward sister)
Nigel Fairs (Mark lookalike)
Robert Whitson (man in cruise bar)
Philip Curr (skinhead)
James Greaves (man in lavatory)
Brian Ross (Nick)
Tony London, Richard Cope, Dick Bradnum (yobs)
Ken Kennedy (Mr Willoughby)
Andrew Kennedy (Steve)
Alan Lowe (young man in club)
Will Pollet (young Mark)
Wayne Amiel, Helio, Henrique De Silva (go-go dancers)
John Cannon (Jessie Biscuit)
David Ingram (Archangel)
Mark Ardell, Andy Spur, Carl Robinson, Tony MacDonald, Paul Kevin, Zeus, Danny Boy, Dark Angel, The Bronze (angels)
Gary Martin (additional voices)

Alternative Titles

Heaven's a Drag