Timestalkers (1987)

USA, 10 March
35mm film, colour, 4:3
mono, English

An American science fiction television film directed by Michael Schultz.

Plot Summary

A history professor meets time travellers from the year 2586 and is turn transported to the of 1886.


Directed by: Michael Schultz
©/ Fries Entertainment Inc.
Fries Entertainment Inc [logo] in association with Newland-Raynor Productions, Inc.
Executive Producers: Charlies Fries, Milton T. Raynor
Produced by: John Newland, Richard Maynard
Teleplay: Brian Clemens
Story: Ray Brown, Brian Clemens
Director of Photography: Harry Mathias
Film Editor: Conrad M. Gonzalez
Music: Craig Safan
Sound Mixer: Arnold Braun
Costume Designer: Dodie Shepard
Make-up Artist: Ramona Pullon
Hairstylist: Robert Hallowell
Special Effects: Dick Albain, Jon Alexander
Special Visual Effects by: Robert Blalack, Praxis Film Works
Production Designer: Shay Austin
Casting by: Judith Holstra, Marcia Ross

William Devane [Scott McKenzie]
Lauren Hutton [Georgia Crawford]
John Ratzenberger [General Joe Brodsky]
Forrest Tucker [Texas John Cody]
Klaus Kinski (Cole)
Tracey Walter [Sam]
James Avery [blacksmith]
R.D. Call [Bart]
John Considine [Doctor Crawford/Matthew Crawford]
Danny Pintauro [Billy McKenzie]
Gail Youngs [Laurie McKenzie]
Patrick Baldauff [Callan]
Ritch Brinkley [barman]
J. Michael Flynn [Michael]
A.J. Freeman [Grover Cleveland]
Deboran Levin [Carol]
Begona Plaza [real name: Begonya Plaza] [Carla]
Tim Russ [Sergeant Filton]
Michael Strasser [driver]
Buck Taylor [cowboy]

Alternative Titles

Ajan metsästäjät – Finland
Os assaltantes do tempo – Portugal
I cacciatori del tempo – Italy
Los cazadores del tiempo – Spain
O Exterminador do Passado – Brazil (video)
Időutazók – Hungary
Łowcy czasu – Poland
Manipuladores do Tempo – Brazil
Putnik kroz vreme – Yugoslavia (Serbian)
Time stalkers – Canada (French)
Timestalkers: Misión al futuro – Spain
Tueur du futur – France
Urmăritorii timpului – Romania
Die Zeitfalle – Germany, West Germany
Οι κυνηγοί του χρόνου – Greece
Путешественники во времени – Soviet Union
タイムソルジャー/時の侵入者 – Japan

Extracts included in
Los Angeles Plays Itself (2003)

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