Timeslip (1970-1971)

UK, 28 September -22 March 1971
1 series, 26 episodes, average 25m
videotape, colour, 4:3
mono, English

A British science fiction television series.


Simon Randall and Liz Skinner discover a “time barrier” on a derelict naval base that hurls them back to 1940s war-torn Britain. Subsequent adventures find them twenty years into their own future caught up up in experiments being conducted in the Arctic, in an alternate reality where the eco-system is about to collapse, and back in the present day tangling with clones.


Produced by: John Cooper
Script Editor: Ruth Boswell
Scientific Advisor: Geoffrey Hoyle

Cheryl Burfield (Liz Skinner)
Spencer Banks (Simon Randall)
Denis Quilley (Commander Charles Traynor)


The 26 episodes are divided up into four serials.

The Wrong End of Time (28 September 1970-2 November 1970)
Directed by: John Cooper [uncredited]
Written by: Bruce Stewart
Guest Cast: Iris Russell (Jean Skinner); Derek Benfield (Skinner); John Alkin (Frank); Sandor Eles (Gottfried); Paul Humpoletz (Graz); John Garrie (Arthur Griffiths); Royston Tickner (George Bradley); Peter Sproule (Ferris); John Abbott (Phipps); Kenneth Watson (Dr Fordyce); Virginia Balfour (Alice Fortune); Sally Templer (Sarah); Hilary Minster (German sailor); Peter Fairley (himself)
A young girl vanishes on a derelict naval station in St Oswald. Two teenagers, Simon Randall and Liz Skinner, discover a “time barrier” on the base which sends them back in time to war-torn 40s Britain. They arrive on the base on the day when it was over-run by German troops.

The Time of the Ice Box (9 November 1970-14 December 1970)
Directed by: Peter Jefferies
Written by: Bruce Stewart
Guest Cast: Derek Benfield (Skinner); Iris Russell (Jean Skinner); John Barron (Devereaux); Mary Preston (Beth Skinner); Peggy Thorpe-Bates (Dr Edith Joynton); John Barcroft (Dr Bukov); Robert Oates (Larry)
Traynor convinces Simon to go back through the time barrier against Liz's wishes. Liz follows him and finds that he's in an Arctic research base, part of an experiment twenty years into their future. Things at the base are starting to fall apart as the commander is suffers a nervous breakdown…

The Year of the Burn Up (21 December 1970-8 February 1971)
Directed by: Ron Francis, Peter Jefferies
Written by: Bruce Stewart, Victor Pemberton
Guest Cast: Iris Russell (Jean Skinner); Derek Benfield (Skinner); Mary Preston (Beth Skinner); David Graham (2957); Teresa Scoble (Miss Stebbins); Merdel Jordine (Vera); Brian Pettifer (Paul); Merdel Jordine (Vera); Ian Fairbairn (Alpha 4); Teresa Scoble (Alpha 16); Lisa Scoble (Alpha 17); Patrick Durkin (Delta 22)
Escaping from the Ice Box, Simon and Liz find themselves in an alternate 1990 where the world is on the verge of destruction. The technocratic society in which they find themselves has been so negligent of its responsibilities to the planet that the eco-system is on the verge of collapse. As the world heats up, Simon meets his future self and an aged Traynor determined to get his revenge.

The Day of the Clone (15 February 1971-22 March 1971)
Directed by: Dave Foster, Ron Francis
Written by: Victor Pemberton
Guest Cast: Ian Fairbairn (Dr Frazer); John Swindells (Pitman); Teresa Scoble (Miss Stebbins); Mary Larkin (Maria); Bruce Beeby (desk attendant); Harry Davis (commissionaire); Dennis Balcombe (driver); John Barron (Devereaux); Derek Sydney (De Sarem); John Cazabon (Mr Randall); John Herrington (news vendor); Hilary Liddell (ward sister); Iris Russell (Jean Skinner); Derek Benfield (Skinner); Keith Grenville (Dr Ferguson); Richard Thorp (George Pointer); Bruce Beeby (desk attendant)
Back in 1971, Liz is kidnapped and Simon tracks her down to the government research centre run by Traynor. They escape through the time barrier and arrive at the same place five years in the past. They are amazed to find Morgan C. Devereaux from the Ice Box and a Traynor they don't recognise.