Time Trackers (1989)

35mm film, colour

An American science fiction film directed by Howard R. Cohen.

Plot Summary

A scientist steals a colleague's time machine and is pursued back to the twelfth century by the inventor's daughter. Passing herself off as a damsel in distress, she manages to persuade a knight to help her find the thief.


Directed by: Howard R. Cohen
© 1989 The Pacific Trust
Concorde presents
Produced by: Roger Corman
Associate Producer: Alida Camp
Written by: Howard R. Cohen
Director of Photography: Ronn Schmidt
Editor: Brent Schoenfeld
Music by: Parmer Fuller
Sound Mixer: Michael Clark
Costume Designer: Joyce Aysta
Key Makeup & Hair Artist: Isabel Csaki
Special Effects Makeup: Roy Knyrim
Special Effects: Gregory Landerer
Production Designer: Kathleen B. Cooper

Wil Shriner (Charles Arsenal)
Ned Beatty (Harry Orth)
Kathleen Beller (R.J. Craig)
Lee Bergere (Karl Zandor)
Alex Hyde-White (Edgar)
Parley Baer (Lucius)
Robert Cornthwaite (Alistair Craig)
Bridget Hoffman [real name: Ruby Marlowe] (Madeline Hart)
Jan Merlin (Max Barker)
Terence Beasor (Strongbow)
Mary Boessow (Kate)
Christopher Judges (Jack)
David Hooks (Palamide)
Billy Shears (Crispin)
Neil Hunt (knight #1)
Michael Leopard (Budge)