Three Cases of Murder (1953)

35mm, black and white, 1.66:1
mono, English

A British horror anthology film directed by George More O'Ferrall, David Eady and Wendy Toye.

Plot Summary

An anthology of three stories.

In the Picture: An gallery tour guide becomes obsessed with a haunting landscape, a gloomy study of a gothic mansion. The tortured painter seems to have become trapped in the painting itself, emerging to seek out the light he needs to complete his work.

You Killed Elizabeth: Two business partners fall in love with the same woman who is forced to choose between them. During an -induced blackout, however, her new fiancé murders her.

Lord Mountdrago: A politician cruelly destroys a fellow MP's career. The broken man swears vengeance and Mountdrago is bothered by a series of increasingly worrying that eventually lead to murder.


* = uncredited

Directed by: George More O'Ferrall [Lord Mountdrago], David Eady [You Killed Elizabeth], Wendy Toye [In the Picture]
Copyright British Lion Film Corporation Ltd., 1953
London Films present a Wessex film. Produced in association with and distributed by British Lion Film Corporation Limited
Produced by: Ian Dalrymple
[Produced] With: Hugh Perceval
Associate Producer: Alexander Paal
Screen-Play by: Ian Dalrymple [Lord Mountdrago], Donald Wilson [In the Picture] and Sidney Carroll [You Killed Elizabeth]
From stories by W. Somerset Maugham [Lord Mountdrago], Brett Halliday [You Killed Elizabeth], Roderick Wilkinson [In the Picture]
Photography: Georges Perinal
Editor: G. Turney-Smith [real name: Gerald Turney-Smith]
Music by: Doreen Carwithen
Dance Music by: Eric Rogers
Sound Recording: Bert Ross, Red Law
Wardrobe: Bridget Sellers
Make Up: George Frost
Hairdressing: Joan Carpenter
Art Director: Paul Sheriff
Made at Shepperton Studios England

Orson Welles as Lord Mountdrago
John Gregson, Elizabeth Sellars, Emrys Jones as Edgar [Curtain], Elizabeth and George [Wheeler]
Alan Badel as Harry – “Mr. X” – and Owen
Andre Morell [Dr Audlin]
Hugh Pryse [Jarvis]
Leueen MacGrath [woman in the house]
Eddie Byrne [Snyder]
Helen Cherry [Lady Mountdrago]

the stories introduced by Eamonn Andrews

In the Picture
Ann Hanslip [the girl] *
John Salew [Rooke] *
Harry Welchman [connoisseur] *

You Killed Elizabeth
Philip Dale [Sgt Mallot] *
Christina Forrest [Susan] *
Maurice Kaufmann [Pemberton] *
Jack Lambert [Inspector Acheson] *
Colette Wilde [Jane] *

Lord Mountdrago
Peter Burton [Under Secretary for Foreign Affairs] *
Evelyn Hall [Lady Connemara] *
David Horne [Sir James] *
John Humphry [Private Secretary] *
Zena Marshall [beautiful blonde] *
Arthur Wontner [Leader of the House] *

Alternative Titles

Kolme murhaa – Finnish title
Tre casi di assassinio – Italian title
Tres casos de homicidio – Venezuelan title



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