Those Magnificent Men in Their Flying Machines, or How I Flew from London to Paris in 25 hours 11 Minutes (1965)

UK, 1965
138m, 3605 metres
35mm film, 65mm film, 70mm film, colour (DeLuxe), 2.20:1
stereo, Todd-AO, English

A British fantasy film directed by Ken Annakin.

Plot Summary

At the start of the 20th century, a British Newspaper organises an air race across the English Channel which attracts the top fliers – and their bizarre flying machines – from all around the world.


* = uncredited

Director: Ken Annakin
Twentieth Century Fox
Producer: Stan Margulies
Script: Ken Annakin, Jack Davies
Assistant Director: Clive Reed
Director of Photography: Christopher Challis
Editor: Anne V. Coates, Gordon Stone
Music: Ron Goodwin
Musical Director: Ron Goodwin
Sound Mixers: Gordon K. McCallum, John W. Mitchell
Costume Designer: Osbert Lancaster
Make-up: Stuart Freeborn
Special Effects Supervisor: Ron Ballinger
Special Effects: Jimmy Harris, Fred Heather, Garth Inns, Malcolm King, Nick Middleton, Jimmy Ward
Special Effects Wireman: Richard Parker
Visual Effects: Roy Field *
Animator: Ralph Ayres
Title Designer: Ronald Searle
Production Designer: Thomas N. Morahan
Production Assistant: Don Sharp
Aerial Supervisor: Allen Wheeler
Casting: Stuart Lyons
Locations: Booker Airfield, High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, England, UK

Stuart Whitman (Orvil Newton)
Sarah Miles (Patricia Rawnsley)
James Fox (Richard Mays)
Alberto Sordi (Count Emilio Ponticelli)
Robert Morley (Lord Rawnsley)
Gert Fröbe (Colonel Manfred von Holstein)
Jean-Pierre Cassel (Pierre Dubois)
Irina Demick (Brigitte/Ingrid/Marlene/Françoise/Yvette/Betty)
Eric Sykes (Courtney)
Red Skelton (Neanderthal man)
Terry-Thomas (Sir Percy Ware-Armitage)
Benny Hill (Fire Chief Perkins)
Yujirô Ishihara (Yamamoto)
Flora Robson (Mother Superior)
Karl Michael Vogler (Captain Rumpelstoss)
Sam Wanamaker (George Gruber)
Eric Barker (French postman)
Maurice Denham (trawler skipper)
Gordon Jackson (McDougal)
Davy Kaye (Jean)
John Le Mesurier (French painter)
Jeremy Lloyd (Lieutnant Parsons)
Zena Marshall (Countess Sophia Ponticelli)
Millicent Martin (hostess)
Eric Pohlmann (Italian mayor)
Marjorie Rhodes (maid)
Norman Rossington (Fire Chief)
William Rushton (Tremayne Gascoyne)
Graham Stark (fireman)
Jimmy Thompson (photographer)
Michael Trubshawe (Niven)
Tony Hancock (Harry Popperwell)
James Robertson Justice (narrator)
Cicely Courtneidge [Colonel’s wife] *
Vernon Dobtcheff [member of the French team] *
Fred Emney [colonel] *
Ferdy Mayne [French official] *
Nicholas Smith [fireman] *

Alternative Titles

Those Magnificent Men in Their Flying Machines



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