Thirty Years in the TARDIS (1993)

UK, 29 November 1993
videotape, colour, black and white, 4:3
mono, English

A British television documentary directed by Kevin Davies. In 1994 an extended version titled More Than Thirty Years in the TARDIS (1994) was released on video.


A clip-packed tribute to the long running Doctor Who (1963-1989), full of interviews, recreations and what was at the time rarely seen footage.


Directed by: Kevin Davies
Executive Producer: Sue Kerr
TV Version Executive Producer: John Whiston
Produced by: Kevin Davies
TV Version Producers: John Bush, Alexis Giradet, Caroline Wright
TV Version Unit Manager: Judi Wild
Photography: John Adderley
Additional Photography: Peter Chapman
Gaffer: Billy Byrne
Electrician: Geoff Brown
Grips: Bob Howland
Editors: Francis Buchanan, Lynda Featherstone
Original Music and Sound Design: Mark Ayres
Doctor Who Theme Composed by: Ron Grainer
Song: Who’s Who sung by Roberta Tovey with Malcolm Lockyer and his Orchestra, Polydor Records 1965
Sound Recordists: Mark Ayres, Dick Boulter, Bruce Galloway, Alex Marsden, Nigel Reed, Simon Wilson, Eric Wisby, Tony Wornum
Dubbing Mixers: Mark Ayres, Craig Irving
Special Archive Sound Effects by: Brian Hodgson and Dick Mills of the BBC Radiophonic Workshop
Costumes: Colin Lavers, Ken Trew
Make-up: Paige Bell
Special Costumes Made by: Robert Allsop, Derek Handley, Stephen Mansfield, David Miller, Susan Moore
Digital Compositing on VENICE System: Tim Burgess
Matte Painting: Tony Pulham
Cybermat and Auton Visual Effects: Mike Tucker
Motion Control Camera: Pete Tyler
Opening Titles: Ralph Montagu
Designers: Andrew Howe-Davies, Phil Robinson, Chris Thompson
Dresser: Giles Gale
Essential Info Graphics: Steve Bonnett, Keith Haynes
Poster Art: Tony Clark
Programme Consultant: Andrew Pixley
Production Associate: Simon Ashwood
Archive Extracts Research: Ian Levine, Richard Molesworth, Ralph Montagu, Steve Roberts, Paul Vanezis
Extracts Compiled by: Paul Vanezis, Steve Roberts
Researcher: Jane Rundle
Production Assistant: Sheila Casstles
Runner: Claire Harrison
Astons: Simon Ashcroft, Duncan Sutton
Business Affairs: Martin Perrigo
Facilities: Ace Editing; BBC Pebble Mill; Gemini Audio Productions; Rew Broadcast; Touch Animation
The director wishes to thank: The cast and crew of Doctor Who; Paul Buckland for The Whomobile; Julian Vince for the Emperor Dalek; Pete Tyler; Jim Francis; Andy Hopkinson; Andrew Beech; Mark Short; The Natural History Museum; Quasar, Slough; David Jackson; Delia Derbyshire; Jessica Carney; Gary Russell; Marcus Hearn
Daleks and Monster Costumes Supplied by: Steve Allen, Andrew Beech, David Brian, Tony Clark, Roger Dilley, Steve Gostelow, Mick Hall, Derek Handley, Andy Hopkinson, David Howe, Ian Levine, Alistair Lock, Susan Moore, Mike Tucker, Julian Vince

Barry Letts (Doctor Who producer 1969-74)
Terrance Dicks (Doctor Who script editor 1968-74/writer)
Phillip Hinchliffe (Doctor Who producer 1974-77)
Colin Baker (the Sixth Doctor 1984-86)
Verity Lambert (first Doctor Who producer 1963-65)
Jessica Carney (William Hartnell’s granddaughter)
Carole Ann Ford (Susan Foreman 1963-64)
Toyah Willcox (Doctor Who fan/actress)
Deborah Watling (Victoria Waterfield 1967-68)
Frazer Hines (Jamie McCrimmon 1966-69)
Lowrie Turner (fashion editor, Evening Standard)
Eric Saward (Doctor Who script editor 1981-86/writer)
Jon Pertwee (the Third Doctor 1970-74)
Ian Levine (Doctor Who fan/record producer)
Raymond Cusick (Dalek creator (designer))
Ben Aaronovitch (Doctor Who scriptwriter)
Roberta Tovey (Susan)
Jennie Linden (Barbara)
Sophie Aldred (Ace 1987-89)
Stephen Bayley (design consultant)
Mike Gatting (Doctor Who fan/cricketer)
Gerry Anderson (TV producer)
Jamie Anderson] (Gerry’s son)
Elisabeth Sladen (Sarah Jane Smith)
Sadie Miller (Elisabeth’s daughter)
Nicola Bryant (Peri Brown 1984-86)
Nicholas Courtney (The Brigadier 1968-89)
Julian Humphries (National Army Museum)
Sylvester McCoy (the Seventh Doctor 1987-89)
Ken Livingstone (Doctor Who fan/politician)
John Nathan-Turner (Doctor Who producer 1979-89)
Mary Whitehouse (founder Nat. Viewers and Listeners Assoc.)
Douglas Adams (author, Doctor Who script editor 1978-79)
Mat Irvine (visual effects designer)
Gary Russell (editor Doctor Who Magazine, Marvel Comics UK Ltd.)
Alan Yentob (Controller BBC1)
Nicholas Courtney (narrator)

Michael Wisher [Dalek voices]
Josh Maguire [the boy]
Toby Aspin, Heather Barker, Daniel Cohen, Barnaby Edwards, Mark Gatiss, Steve Gostelow, Derek Handley, Alistair Lock, Stephen Mansfield, David Miller, Nick Pegg, Adrian Rigelsford, Gary Russell [monsters, Daleks and other nasties]
Steve Austen, Steve Gostelow, Paul Langley, John Morosini-Whelan, Nick Pegg, Kevin Ryan, Paul Slade, Dean Taylor, Graham Tongue [Cybermen]

Includes extracts from
Blue Peter: 20 June 1966
Blue Peter: 14 December 1967
Blue Peter: 5 November 1973
Daleks’ Invasion Earth 2150 A.D. (1966)
Doctor Who (1963-1989)
Dr. Who and the Daleks (1965)
The Lively Arts: Whose Dr. Who (1977)

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