There’s Nothing Out There (1990)

USA, 1992
colour, 1.78:1
mono, English

An American horror film directed by Rolfe Kanefsky.

Plot Summary

A group of in a remote cabin fail to heed the warnings of horror film fan Mike but soon regret it when they find themselves living through a series of stock genre situations.


Directed by: Rolfe Kanefsky
© The Nothing Out There Film Co.
Valkhn Films presents a Grandmaster production. A Rolfe Kanefsky flick
Executive Producer: Alice Glenn
Produced by: Victor Kanefsky
Line Producers: Beverly Ward, Dolores Eliot
Written by: Rolfe Kanefsky
Director of Photography: Ed Hershberger
Edited by: Victor Kanefsky
Music: Christopher Thomas
Sound Mixer: Natalie Budelis
Wardrobe Mistress: Sharyn Groves
Makeup: Craig Lindberg
Special Creature and Make-up Effects by: Imageffects Studios
Creature Design by: Ken Quinn
Special Effects Supervisor: Scott Hart
Set Design: Virginia Dare

Craig Peck (Mike)
Wendy Bednarz (Doreen)
Mark Collver (Jim)
Bonnie Bowers (Stacy)
John Carhart III (Nick)
Claudia Flores (Janet)
Jeff Dachis (David)
Lisa Grant (Sally)
Sissy Frey (schoolteacher)
Cy Voris (lead punk)
Ronald St. Denis (plumber)
Michael Berlly (policeman 1)
Rafi Isaac (policeman 2)
Tommy Barz (policeman 3)
Mark Calderone (doctor)
Maja Barnes, Rob Del Guidice, Molly Jacobson, Lottie, Sheryl Nields, Eddie Stalter (punks)
John Kim (man in black)
Peter (cat)
Christopher Thomas (creature voice)
Tommy Barz (face on cutting room floor)

Alternative Titles

Don't Scream… Die Spur in den Tod – German title

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Extracts included in
Tomorrow by Midnight (1999)



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