Murder in the Cathedral (1936c)

UK, 21 December
33m, broadcast live, black and white, 5:4
mono, English

A British play. It was the first of four live presentation of the same performance from three different London theatres. Though presented live, all four presentations employed early superimposition techniques to represent .

Plot Summary

A drama in verse detailing the last days of Thomas Becket before his at Canterbury.


Presentation by: George More O'Ferrall
Play Produced by: E. Martin Browne
Poem: T.S. Eliot
From the Duchess Theatre (by arrangement with J. P. Mitchelhill)

Robert Speaight (Thomas Beckett)
Guy Spaull (first tempter and knight)
G.R. Schjelderup (second tempter and knight)
Norman Chidgey (third tempter and knight)
E. Martin Browne (fourth tempter and knight)

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  • The Stage 24 December 1936 p.9 – review (Television: Murder at the Cathedral)