Theatre of Death (1966)

35mm film, Techniscope, Technicolor, 2.35:1
mono, English

A British horror film directed by Samuel Gallu.

Plot Summary

Phillipe Darvas is the ruthless and manipulative head of a theatrical troupe. Inspector Charles Marquis is called in to investigate a series of strange deaths in which the bodies are found virtually drained of blood. Marquis believes that the perpetrator is a maniac with vampire-like tendencies, but doubts are cast when rumours begin to circulate that Darvas and his long lost father, who founded the theatre sixty years before, may be one and the same man. But then Darvas disappears…


Directed by: Samuel Gallu
Copyright London Independent Producers (Distribution) Ltd. MCMLXVI [1966]
Pennea Productions Limited presents
Executive Producer: William Gell
Producer by: M. Smedley-Aston
By: Ellis Kadison
Screenplay by: Ellis Kadison and Roger Marshall
Director of Photography: Gilbert Taylor
Editor: Barrie Vince
Music Composed by: Elisabeth Lutyens
Recording Director: A.W. Lumkin
Sound Recordists: Peter Davies & Len Shilton
Wardrobe: Vi Murray
Make Up: Jill Carpenter
Hairdresser: Elsie Alder
Art Director: Peter Proud
Made at the Elstree Studios of Associated British Productions Limited, Herts., England
Casting Director: Richard Price *

Christopher Lee (Philippe Darvas)
Lelia Goldoni (Dani Gireaux)
Julian Glover (Charles Marquis)
Ivor Dean (Inspector Micheaud)
Joseph Furst (Karl Schiller)
Steve Plytas (Andre, patron of cafe)
Betty Woolfe (Colette)
Leslie Handford (Joseph)
Miki Iveria (Andre's wife)
Fraser Kerr (Pierre)
Dilys Watling (Heidi)
Lita Scott (voodoo dancer)
Evelyn Laye (Madame Angelique)
Jenny Till (Nicole Chapelle)
Terence Soall (Ferdi)
Ester Anderson (La Poule)
Peter Cleall (Jean (stage manager))
Suzanne Owens (girl on scooter)
Julie Mendez (belly dancer)
Evrol Puckerin (voodoo dancers)
The Tony Scott Drummers

Alternative Titles

Blood Fiend – US title
The Female Fiend
Das Haus des Schreckens
– German title
Kauhuteatteri – Finnish title
El teatro de la muerte – Spanish title
Il teatro della morte – Italian title



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