Theatre 625: The Year of the Sex Olympics (1968)

UK, 29 July
videotape, 16mm film, colour 1Only black and white film prints have survived, 4:3
mono, English
Series: Theatre 625 (1964-1968) – series 5, episode 25

A British science fiction television play directed by Michael Elliott and written by Nigel Kneale.

Plot Summary

In an overpopulated near future Britain, television has become the dominant force shaping society, politics and culture. Society is addicted to the lowbrow entertainment being broadcast them, including the “sex olympics” wherein couples perform feats of sexual prowess. Programmes like Artsex and Sportsex proloferate, all in an effort to distract the populace from actually engaging in sex themselves. When a protestor falls to his death in the studio during a live transmission and the audience reacts by laughing lustily, programme coordinator Ugo Priest comes up with a new idea – The Live Life Show, a “reality” show that strands a young family on a remote island with a killer…


Directed by: Michael Elliott
© [not given on screen]
Producer: Ronald Travers
[Written] By: Nigel Kneale
Story Editor: James Brabazon
Lighting: Sam Barclay
Film Cameraman: Peter Hall
Film Editor: David Taylor
Costumes: Joyce Hammond
Make-up: Pamela Burns
Sound: Derek Miller-Timmins
Designer: Roger Andrews
Custard Pie Fight Arranged by: Trevor Peacock

Leonard Rossiter (Co-ordinator Ugo Priest)
Suzanne Neve (Deanie Webb)
Tony Vogel (Nat Mender)
Brian Cox (Laser Opie)
Vickery Turner (Misch)
George Murcell (Grels)
Martin Potter (Kin Hodder)
Lesley Roach (Keten Webb)
Hira Talfrey (Betty)
Patricia Maynard (nurse)
Trevor Peacock, Brian Coburn, Derek Fowlds, Wolfe Morris, Braham Murray, Job Stewart (custard pie experts)
Sheila Sands (Artsex girl)



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