The Zoo Robbery (1973)

UK, 1973
35mm film, Eastmancolour
mono, English

A British fantasy film directed by Matt McCarthy and John Black

Plot Summary

The only captive Yeti is kidnapped from London Zoo and the keeper and his young friends set out to get it back.


Directed by: Matt McCarthy, John Black
© 's Film Foundation Limited
Made by Cine Lingual Studios for The Children's Film Foundation Limited
Produced by: Matt McCarthy, John Black
Associate Producer: Edward Dorian
Written by: Matt McCarthy, John Black
Assistant Director: Gordon Gilbert
Director of Photography: Tony Imi
Editor: Alan Brett
Music by: De Wolfe
Sound: Tony Dawe
Completed at: Cine-Lingual Sound Studios
Art Director: Michael Pickwoad

the children – shore patrol
Paul Gyngell (Mike)
Denise Gyngell (Carol)

the children – canal patrol
Karen Lucas (Penny)
Luke Batchelor (Jimmy)
Walter Mckone (Joe)
Richard Willis (Ben)

the adults
Seán Barrett (Watson)
Frank Gatliff (Smythe)
Neil McCarthy (Skipper)
Michael Wynne (P.C. Billings)
Alexander John (Mr Bailey)
Ronald Adam (zoologist)

‘Yen-Yen' presented by
Eileen Helsby, Leonard Fenton