The Young Jacobites (1959)

126m, 8 part serial (11,403 feet)
35mm film, black and white
mono, English

A British fantasy serial directed by John Reeve.

Plot Summary

While on holiday on the Isle of Skye, two young children travel back in time to help Bonnie Prince Charlie escape to France after the battle of Culloden.


Director: John Reeve
Rayant Pictures, Children's Film Foundation
Producer: Anthony Gilkison
Production Management: Laurie Hardie-brown
Studio Management: W.R. Partington
Continuity: Isobel Byers
Screenplay: Paul Tabori, Gordon Wellesley
Original Story: Kenneth Macfarlane
Director of Photography: Geoffrey Gurrin
Camera Operator: Alan Hewison
Editors: John Reeve, Kevin Connor
Music: Albert Elms, David Wooldridge
Sound Recording: Francis Flynn
Art Director: J. Elder Wills
Studio: Bushey Studios

Robert Haviland
Francesca Annis (Jean)
Jeremy Bulloch (Hamish)
Frazer Hines (Angus)
John Pike (Willie)
Gareth Tandy (Alistair)
John Woodnutt (Lieutenant)
John Dearth (Sergeant)
Michael O'Brien (Anderson)
David Steuart (Prince)
Michael Nightingale (Colonel)
Frank Forsythe (Laird)
Janet Barrow (Annie)


1. Journey into the Past
2. The Traitor
3. The League in Action
4. The Ambush
5. The Prince Must be Warned
6. The Rescue
7. The Enemy Closes In
8. Over the Threshold


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