The Worm Eaters (1977)

35mm film, Eastmancolor
mono, English

An American horror film directed by Herb Robins.

Plot Summary

Hermit Herman Umgar has developed the ability to communicate with and when he is run out of town, he swears his . He puts worms in the town's food but these are no ordinary worms – these are mutant worms that transform anyone who eats them into giant worms who then become Herman's slaves.


* = uncredited

Director: Herb Robins
Cinema Features
Producer: Ted V. Mikels
Production Manager: David Vlasak
Script: Herb Robins
Story: Nancy Kapner
Assistant Director: John Tenorio
2nd Assistant Director: David L. Newman
Director of Photography: Willis Hawkins
Camera Operator: Miles Blum
Assistant Camera: David Warnock
Gaffer: Bruce Hutter
Editor: Soly Bina
Assistant Editors: Louisa Bowles, George Copanas, Colleen Handlin, Doreen Ross
Music: Theodore Stern
Songs: David L. Newman
Sound Recordist: Larry Latham
Title Art Drawings: Sherri P. Vernon
Production Designer: Jack De Wolf
Props: Nancy O'Brien, Beverly Walters
Script Supervisor: George Copanas
Production Secretary: Nancy O'Brien
Locations: Sierra Madre, California, USA

Herb Robins (Herman Umgar)
Lindsay Armstrong Black
Joseph Sacket
Robert Garrison
Muriel Cooper
Mike Garrison
Carla Ziegfeld
Barry Hostetler (Max)
David McGrath
Claudette Wells
Cynthia Negri
Terry Smulen
Fred C. Dobbs
Shelley Golden
Emmett McGuire
Cliff O'Connell
Frank Perrin
Tim Young
Patricia Alkaitis
Brad Peterson
Mel Stevens
Doreen Ross
John Willard
Dru Landers
Nancy O'Brien
Michael Keith
Felix Modre
Teeka Steeber
Robert Henderson
Bow Richards
Edward Wagner
Kahsmir Mamer
Ted V. Mikels [man playing cards] *

Alternative Titles

Die Wurmfresser – West German (video)



  • Nightmare USA by Stephen Thrower p.516 – note