The World Is Not Enough (1999)

35mm film, Panavision (anamorphic), colour, 2.35:1
Dolby EX 6.1, DTS, SDDS, English

A British borderline science fiction film directed by Michael Apted.

Plot Summary

is assigned to protect oil-heiress Elektra King from the crazed anarchist Renard, who has already killed her father inside MI5's headquarters. Renard, unable to feel pain thanks to an injury to his brain, had already abducted and tortured Elektra once before and now seems to be looking for against everyone involved in freeing her – including Elektra herself.


Director: Michael Apted
Eon Productions
Producers: Michael G. Wilson, Barbara Broccoli
Script: Neil Purvis, Robert Wade, Dana Stevens, Bruce Feirstein
Characters: Ian Fleming
2nd Unit Director: Vic Armstrong
Director of Photography: Adrian Biddle
2nd Unit Director of Photography: Jonathan Taylor
Editor: Jim Clark
Music: David Arnold
The World Is Not Enough Performed by: Garbage
Costume Designer: Lindy Hemming
Make-up Supervisor: Linda De Vetta
Hair Supervisor: Colin Jamison
Special Effects Supervisor: Chris Corbould
Special Effects Supervisor (France): Gregorie Delage
Production Designer: Peter Lamont
Stunt Co-Ordinator: Simon Crane

Pierce Brosnan (James Bond)
Sophie Marceau (Elektra King)
Robert Carlyle (Victor ‘Renard' Zokas)
Denise Richards (Dr Christmas Jones)
Robbie Coltrane (Valentin Dmitrovich Zukovsky)
Judi Dench (M)
Desmond Llewelyn (Q)
John Cleese (R)
Maria Grazia Cucinotta (Julietta the Cigar Girl)
Samantha Bond (Miss Moneypenny)
Michael Kitchen (Chief of Staff Bill Tanner)
Colin Salmon (Intelligence Officer Charles Robinson)
Goldie (Bull)
David Calder (Sir Robert King)
Serena Scott Thomas (Dr Molly Warmflash)
Ulrich Thomsen (Chief of Security Sasha Davidov)
John Seru (Gabor)
Claude-Oliver Rudolph (Colonel Akakievich)
Patrick Malahide (Mr Lachaise)
Omid Djalili (foreman)

Alternative Titles

007, el mundo no basta – Argentinian title
007: O Mundo Nao é o Bastante – Brazilian title
Bond 19 – working title
Bond 2000 – working title
Death Waits for No Man – working title
Fire and Ice – working title
James Bond 007 – Die Welt ist nicht genug – German title
Kun maailma ei riitä – Finnish title
Le Monde ne suffit pas – French title
Il mondo non basta – Italian title
El mundo no basta – Uruguayan title
El mundo nunca es suficiente – Spanish title
Pressure Point – early title
Världen räcker inte till – Swedish title
Die Welt ist nicht genug – German title

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Extracts included in
The James Bond Story (1999)
Premiere Bond: Die Another Day (2002)

Production Notes

Principal photography began on 11 January 1999 with the main unit decamping to Bilbao for location shooting between the 15th and 18th of the month.

On Saturday 27 March the BBC's Teletext service, Ceefax, carried a story, apparently from Empire magazine, that Mel C, aka Sporty Spice from The Spice Girls had been approached to record the theme song. Her fee for the job was said to be £250,000. What no-one seemed to notice at first was that Empire was due to be issued on… April 1st. By early evening, the report had mysteriously vanished from the Ceefax service.

Meanwhile the crew returned to the UK where, on Monday 29th, they started filming the sequence, the shoot being covered by the BBC's regional news program, Newsroom South East on the 31st. More UK television coverage followed in 1 April when Channel 4's breakfast show The Big Breakfast carried an item on the new Bond villains and on Sunday 4th, more clips of the shooting of the Thames sequence appeared on the London Weekend movie show Big Screen.


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