The Wolf Man (1941)

35mm film, black and white, 1.37:1
mono, English

An American horror film directed by George Waggner.

Plot Summary

Larry Talbot arrives in the family home in Wales where he is attacked by a werewolf in a gypsy camp. Talbot inherits the gypsy's curse and is doomed to become a wolf man every full moon.


* = uncredited

Directed by: George Waggner
© MCMXLI by Universal Pictures Company, Inc.
A Universal picture. Universal presents
Executive Producer: Jack J. Gross *
Produced by: George Waggner
Original Screenplay: Curt Siodmak
Assistant Director: Vernon Keays
Director of Photography: Joseph Valentine
Film Editor: Ted Kent
Music: Charles Previn *, Hans J. Salter *, Frank Skinner *
Musical Director: Charles Previn
Sound Director: Bernard B. Brown
Technician: Joe Lapis
Western Electric Mirrorphonic
Gowns: Vera West
Make-up Artist: Jack P. Pierce
Art Director: Jack Otterson
Associate: Robert Boyle
Set Decorations: R.A. Gausman [real name: Russell A. Gausman]

Claude Rains as Sir John Talbot
Warren William as Doctor Lloyd
Ralph Bellamy as Colonel [Paul] Montford
Patric Knowles as Frank Andrews
Bela Lugosi as Bela
Maria Ouspenskaya as Maleva
Evelyn Ankers as Gwen Conliffe
Lon Chaney as the wolf man/[Larry Talbot]
J.M. Kerrigan (Charles Conliffe)
Fay Helm (Jenny [Williams])
Forrester Harvey ([Victor] Twiddle)
Jessie Arnold [gypsy woman] *
Caroline Cooke, Margaret Fealy [women] *
Harry Cording [Wykes] *
Gibson Gowland, Olaf Hytten [villagers] *
Leyland Hodgson [Kendall] *
Kurt Katch [gypsy with bear] *
La Riana [gypsy dancer] *
Connie Leon [Mrs Wykes] *
Doris Lloyd [Mrs Williams] *
Ottola Nesmith [Mrs Bally] *
Eddie Polo [churchgoer] *
Ernie Stanton [Phillips] *
Tom Stevenson [Richardson] *
Harry Stubbs [Reverend Norman] *
Eric Wilton [chauffeur] *

Alternative Titles

L'uomo lupo – Italy
Der Wolfsmensch – Germany

Frankenstein Meets the Wolf Man (1943)
House of Dracula (1945)
House of Frankenstein (1944)

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