The Witch Who Came from the Sea (1976)

35mm, filmed in Todd-AO 35, colour, 2.35:1
mono, English

An American horror film directed by Matt Cimber. The film was briefly added to the UK's “” list in 1984 but was removed the following year after an attempt to bring a prosecution against its distributors failed.

Plot Summary

Millie lives with her two children, works in a bar and has an unsteady relationship with the bar's owner, Long John. But she's also battling with the appalling memories of the sexual abuse at the hands of her beloved father. When two footballers are found castrated, it seems that Millie might be losing the battle…


Directed by: Matt Cimber
© [not given]
MCI presents a Matt Cimber production
Produced by: Matt Cimber
Written by: Robert Thom
Director of Photography: Dean Cundey
Film Editor: Bud Warner
Music Composed & Directed by: Herschel Burke Gilbert
Sound Mixer: John Vincent
Wardrobe: Caroline Davis
Makeup: Gale Peterson
Casting: George ‘Buck' Flower

Millie Perkins (Molly)
Lonny Chapman (Long John)
Vanessa Brown (Cathy)
Peggy Feury (Dora)
Jean Pierre Camps (Todd)
Mark Livingston (Tripoli)
Rick Jason as Billy Batt
Stafford Morgan (McPeak)
Richard Kennedy (Detective Beardsley)
George ‘Buck' Flower (Detective Stone)
Roberta Collins (Clarissa)
Stan Ross (Jack Dracula)
Lynne Guthrie (Carol)
Barry Cooper (newcomer)
Gene Rutherford (Sam ‘The Electric Man' Waters)
Jim Sims (Austin Slade)
Sam Chu Lin (newscaster)
Anita Franklin (TV commercial girl)
John Goff (Molly's father)
Verkina (young Molly)



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