The Wide World of Mystery: Shadow of Fear (1974)

USA, 28 January
videotape, colour, 4:3
mono, English

An American horror television film directed by Herbert Kenwith.

Plot Summary

Danna Forrester, wife of wealthy industrialist Martin, returns home to find their expensive apartment has been broken into and ransacked and there are threatening messages written on lipstick on her bathroom mirror. When the police prove useless, Martin hires a private head of security – but Danna is recovering from serious mental health issues and nothing is quite as it seems.


* = uncredited

Directed by: Herbert Kenwith
Dan Curtis Productions
Executive Producer: Dan Curtis
Produced by: Robert Singer
Associate Producer: Tim Steele
Written by: Larry Brody
Videotape Editor: Gary Anderson
Music by: Robert Cobert [real name: Bob Cobert]

Claude Akins (Styran)
Anjanette Comer (Danna Forester)
Jason Evers (Martin Forester)
Tom Selleck (Mark Brolin)
John Arnatt
Philip Carey (Detective Arnbug)
Reginald Marsh
Paul Maxwell
Peter Sallis [man] *

Alternative Titles

Shadow of Fear