The White Shadow (1924)

UK, 1924
5047 feet/1538 metres
35mm, black and white

A British fantasy film directed by Graham Cutts. For many years the film was believed to have been lost until a copy was discovered in the New Zealand Film Archive in 2011. The print had been donated to the archive in 1989 by the grandson of New Zealand projectionist and film collector Jack Murtagh but wasn’t identified as the missing film for 22 years.

Plot Summary

A young Parisian woman is possessed by the soul of her dead twin.


Director: Graham Cutts
Freedman and Saville Balcon
Producers: Michael Balcon, Victor Saville
Scenario: Michael Morton
Adaptation and Dialogue: Alfred Hitchcock
Assistant Director: Alfred Hitchcock
Continuity: Alma Reville
Editor: Alma Reville
Art Director: Alfred Hitchcock

Betty Compson (Nancy Brent/Georgina Brent)
Clive Brook (Robin Field)
Henry Victor (Louis Chadwick)
A.B. Imeson (Mr Brent)
Olaf Hytten (Herbert Barnes)
Daisy Campbell (Elizabeth Brent)
Bert Darley
Maresco Marisini
Donald Searle
Muriel Gregory

Alternative Titles

White Shadows – US title


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