The Wednesday Play: Fable (1965)

UK, 27 January
Series: The Wednesday Play (1964-1970)
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A British science fiction television play written by John Hopkins and directed by Christopher Morahan.

Plot Summary

In an alternative Britain the white population live as second-class citizens under the oppression of their black leaders.


Directed by: Christopher Morahan
© [not given on screen]
Producer: James MacTaggart
[Written] By: John Hopkins
Story Editor: Roger Smith
Film Sequences Cameraman: John Wyatt
Film Sequences Editor: Gitta Zadek
Designer: Tony Abbott

Keith Barron (narrator)
Eileen Atkins (Joan)
Ronald Lacey (Len)
Rudolph Walker (policeman)
Leo Carera (editor)
Bari Johnson (deputy editor)
Thomas Baptiste (Mark [Fellowes])
Barbara Assoon (Francesca)
Dan Jackson (overseer)
Carmen Munroe (Lala)
Sally Lahee (Lilian)
George Roderick (Laughton)
Trevor D. Rhone (assistant editor)
John Rapley (Michael)
André Dakar (head of state)
Frank Singuineau (minister)
Charles Hyatt (news reader)
Thor Pierres (secretary)
Kenneth Gardnier (interrogator)


Other Sources
BFI Southbank December 2016 p.23 – illustrated listing (by MP)