The Wednesday Play: Campaign for One (1965)

UK, 3 March 1965
Series 2, episode 9
videotape, black and white, 4:3
mono, English
Series: The Wednesday Play (1964-1970)

A British science fiction television play directed by James MacTaggart.

Plot Summary

An astronaut opts to remain in orbit after his wife leaves him.


Director: Moira Armstrong
Producer: James MacTaggart
Story Editor: Roger Smith
[Written] By: Tony Church, Marielaine Douglas
Designer: John Hurst

Barry Foster (Squadron-Leader Phil Osborne)
Jeremy Kemp (Squadron-Leader Jack Cooper)
David Bauer (Dr Gelner)
Jerry Stovin (Colonel Douglas Anderson)
Lesley Allen (girl in TV commercial)
Lionel Murton (TV commentator)
Robert Arden (Major Max Baker)
Thomasine Heiner (reporter)
John Downey (reporter)
John Bloomfield (reporter)
George Roubicek (Dr Drew Marshall)
Jack Stewart (Dr Cutts)
David Garth (Group-Captain Austin)
Redmond Phillips (John Kelly)
Peter Jesson (Flight-Lieutenant Turnbull)
Chuck Julian (Don Somers)
Norman Chancer (Herb Jackson)
Marcella Markham (Mrs Redmond)
Anthony Morton (Piggy)
Pearl Catlin (Helen Osborne)

Campaign for One (1965)