The Wednesday Play: Anyone for Tennis? (1968)

UK, 25 September
videotape, black and white, 4:3
mono, English
Series: The Wednesday Play (1964-1970)

A British fantasy television play directed by Claude Whatham.

Plot Summary

Garry commits but is given a second chance to return and change the circumstances that lead to his death.


Director: Claude Whatham
Producer: Graeme McDonald
Script: J.B. Priestley

Clifford Evans (Lord Ninfield)
Rachel Kempson (Phyllis Brendon)
Joseph O'Conor (Joesph Brendon)
Ernest Clark (Ivor Brendon)
Michael Pennington (Garry)
Angharad Rees (Billie)
Maureen O'Reilly (Laura Pembury)
Pauline Devaney (Pauline Brendon)
George Moon (Stinson)
Alan Foss (Dr Fawcett)