The War of the Worlds (1952)

35mm film, “color by Technicolor”, 1.37:1
mono (Western Electric Recording), English

An American science fiction film directed by Byron Haskin.

Plot Summary

A meteor crashes to Earth outside a small town in the USA. It turns out to be one of a whole fleet of Martian ships that have come to this planet with conquest in mind. Before long, the are attacking everything in sight aboard their force-field protected flying machines and even are useless against them. Will anything be able to stop them?


* = uncredited

Directed by: Byron Haskin
Copyright MCMLII [1952] by Paramount Pictures Corporation
A Paramount picture
Produced by: George Pal
Associate Producer: Frank Freeman Jr
Screenplay by: Barré Lyndon
Based on the novel by: H.G. Wells
Director of Photography: George Barnes
Edited by: Everett Douglas
Music Score by: Leith Stevens
Sound Recording by: Harry Lindgren and Gene Garvin
Costumes: Edith Head
Makeup Supervisor: Wally Westmore
Special Photographic Effects: Gordon Jennings, Wallace Kelley, Paul Lerpae, Ivyl Burks, Jan Domela, Irmin Roberts
Special Visual Effects (A-Bomb Sequence): Walter Hoffman *
Special Effects: Paul Lerpae *, Chester Pate *, Bob Springfield *, A. Edward Sutherland *
Astronomical Art: Chesley Bonestell
Art Direction: Hal Pereira and Albert Nozaki

Gene Barry (Dr Clayton Forrester)
Ann Robinson (Sylvia Van Buren)
Les Tremayne (Major General Mann USA)
Bob Cornthwaite (Dr Pryor)
Sandro Giglio (Dr Bilderbeck)
Lewis Martin (Pastor Dr Matthew Collins)
Houseley Stevenson Jr (aide to General Mann)
Paul Frees (radio reporter)
Bill Phipps (Wash Perry)
Vernon Rich (Colonel Ralph Heffner USMC)
Henry Brandon (cop at crash site with spot light)
Jack Kruschen (Salvatore)
Commentary by Cedric Hardwicke

Alternative Titles

Kampf der Welten – German title

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