The War Game (1965)

UK, shown theatrically after it was banned by the BBC
44m 27s, 4500 ft
16mm film, black and white, 4:3
mono, English
Series: The Wednesday Play (1964-1970)
Reviewed at The EOFFTV Review

A British science fiction television film directed by an uncredited Peter Watkins. It was originally made for television broadcast by the BBC as part of the The Wednesday Play (1964-1970) anthology strand, intended for broadcast on 6 August 1965, the twentieth anniversary of the Hiroshima bombing. The BBC eventually decided against showing it, claiming that “the effect of the film has been judged by the BBC to be too horrifying for the medium of broadcasting, it will, however, be shown to invited audiences.” 1Parliamentary question asked in the House of Commons by William Hamilton MP about the TV film ‘The War Game‘, December 1965 (CAB 21/5808) It was released theatrically overseas and was available for private screenings in the UK, finally getting a TV broadcast on 31 July 1985 as part of a series of programmes about nuclear war. Michael Aspel was the original narrator on the film, but a new narration, recorded by Dick Graham, was subsequently used on its release.

Plot Summary

A British television documentary crew is working on their latest production when war breaks out. The surviving camera crew record the horrific events leading up to, during and immediately after a nuclear attack on Great Britain.


* = uncredited

Directed by: Peter Watkins *
© [not given on screen]
A BBC production
Produced by: Peter Watkins
Written by: Peter Watkins
Photography: Peter Bartlett
Film Editor: Michael Bradsell
Sound: Derek Williams, Lou Hanks, Stanley Morcom
Costumes: Vanessa Clarke
Make-up: Lilias Munro
Design: Tony Cornell, Anne Davey
Production Assistant: Peter Norton
Made entirely on location in southern England by the British Broadcasting Corporation of London, England
The BBC wishes to thank the citizens of Kent, particularly of Gravesend, Tonbridge and Dover, without whom this documentary film could not have been made
Action Sequences: Derek Ware

Dick Graham, Michael Aspel (commentary)
Peter Graham *
Kathy Staff [interviewee] *

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Alternative Titles

El juego de la guerra – Spanish title
Kriegsspiel – German title
Krigsspel – Swedish title
Sotaleikki – Finnish title


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