The Wandering Jew (1947b)

UK, 31 January
broadcast live, black and white, 4:3
mono, English

A British fantasy television play. It was broadcast live and never recorded. It was the second of two live broadcasts of the same production, the first having been on 30 January 1947.


Play Production by: Michael Barry
Adapted by: Michael Barry
Based on a Play by: E. Temple Thurston
Music by: James Hartley

Andrew Osborn (Matteos Battadios (also known as Matathias and The Unknown Knight))
Joan Haythorne (Judith)
Marguerite Young (Rachel)
Jon Pertwee (Boemond, Prince of Tarentum)
Hilary Wontner (Godfrey, Duke of Normandy)
John Warrington (Raymond of Toulouse/Gonzalez Ferera)
John Gabriel (Issachar)
Leueen MacGrath (Joanne de Beaudricourt)
John Baker (Phirous/Al kazar)
Victor Woolf (Mario/Alonzo Castro)
Leonard Sachs (Andrea Michelotti)
Patricia Hillyard (Gianella Battadios)
Anthony Viccars (Pietro Morelli)
Julian Somers (Lazzaro Zapportas)
Eileen Draycott (Maria Zapportas)
Jacqueline Boiteux (Arnaldo Zapportas)
Pauline Letts (Olalla Quintana)
Hugh Griffith (Juan de Texeda, inquisitor general)